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Marriage visa

1 year visa in Thailand.

        To get your marriage visa you must first apply for a Non-O visa to enter Thailand. This will allow you to stay for up to 90 days. After staying in Thailand for at least 60 days you may then change to a Marriage or spouse visa.

Document requirements for the district office will depend on your particular situation:

1. In case of, the applicant with partner marriage registration in Thailand. They need to have 2 witnesses.

  • Your passport and a copy of your passport;

  • Your marriage certificate

  • Bank statements from your spouse’s account showing at least 400,000 Thai Baht in total or a monthly income of 40,000 Thai Baht

  • A map showing your address of residence in Thailand

  • Your spouse’s house registration papers (Tabian Baan)

  • Pictures showing you and your spouse together (including pictures inside your house and outside showing the house/apartment number)

  • Copy of your Thai spouse’s passport and Identity Card


2. In case of, the applicant with partner marriage registration from abroad. 

  • TM.7 form.

  • Passport. (valid for no less than 6 months)

  • 4 Photos 4x6 cm "2 inches"

  • Marriage Certificate. (KorRor.3) *When apply for the 2nd year a copy can be used.

  • Family Registration. (KorRor.2) 

  • ID card of Thai wife. 

  • Birth Certificate. (in the case of having children together)

  • House registration of Thai wife and children.

  • Registration of marriage. (KorRor.22) 

  • Acknowledgment of terms and conditions for permit of temporary stay in Thailand. (STM.2)

  • Resident map.

  • 2 Pictures of the wife/husband outside the house with the house number and 2 pictures inside the house.

  • In case of renting the house, copy a house lease agreement. Included a copy of ID card and copy of house registration of the owner and copy of rented house book.

  • Copy of foreigner registration certificate. (TM.30)

  • Evidence of the husband’s income. (the applicant)
    -    Bank certificate, Bank statement, and updated book bank and copied every page and a security deposit of 400,000 THB in Thai bank account for at least 2 months prior to the visa application or;
    -    Monthly income at least 40,000 Thai Baht. If the applicant work in Thailand. Work permit and the employment contract must be presented together with an income statement, personal income tax submission (PhorNgorDor 91) at least 3 months prior to the visa application lasted, personal income tax, a personal income tax receipt (PhorNgorDor 91), and the business registration.
    -    If work aboard, an income statement authorized by the applicant’s Embassy or Consulate in Thailand must be presented Monthly income of at least 40,000 Thai Baht.

**Translation must be certified by your Embassy or Consulate.**

"We can help you prepare and submit all the documents 
for your marriage visa in Thailand

For more information please contact: 

Tel: 063-779-9111 (English)​

       096-801-8252 (Korean)

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