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Adoption visa
1 year visa in Thailand.

Inter-Country adoption in Thailand is made available exclusively for foreigners who would want to adopt a Thai child with the intention to bring and raise the child in another country.


Applicants who wish to adopt a Thai child need to contact the authorized agencies in their country of domicile in order to initiate the process of inter-country adoption in Thailand.

Required Document for VISA O for Adoption.

  • TM.7 form.

  • Passport. (valid for no less than 6 months)

  • 4 Photos 4x6 cm "2 inch"

  • Birth Certificate. (of child/children)

  • ID card of Thai Child/Children.

  • House registration of Child/Children.

  • Evidence of the parent’s income. (the applicant)
    -    Bank certificate, Bank statement, and updated book bank and copied every page and a security deposit of 400,000 Thai Baht in Thai bank account prior to the visa application or;
    -    Monthly income at least 40,000 Thai Baht. If the applicant work in Thailand. Work permit and the employment contract must be presented together with an income statement, personal income tax submission (PhorNgorDor 91) at least 3 months prior to the visa application lasted, personal income tax, a personal income tax receipt (PhorNgorDor 91), and the business registration.
    -    If work aboard, an income statement authorized by the applicant’s Embassy/Consulate in Thailand must be presented Monthly income at least  40,000 Thai Baht

  • Acknowledgment of terms and conditions for permit of temporary stay in Thailand. (STM.2)

  • Resident map.

  • 2 Pictures of the family outside the house with the house number and 2 pictures inside the house.

  • In case of renting the house, copy a house lease agreement. Included a copy of ID card, copy of house registration of the owner, and copy of rented house book.

  • Copy of foreigner registration certificate. (TM.30)

**All of the above documents related to the Thai adoption need to be certified by the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country where the applicants reside and those documents which are not in English language must be attached with English or Thai translations and translated and certified by the authorized translator.)**

For more information please contact: 

Tel: 063-779-9111 (English)​

       096-801-8252 (Korean)

       053-216-823   (Office)





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