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If you plan to relocate to Thailand for work and want to take your family too? You’ll need to get a dependent visa in Thailand for your spouse and children so they can stay in the country alongside you, the process of getting dependent visas is fairly straightforward.


Non- Immigrant “O” (Follower)

Those who can obtain this type of visa can be 3 groups of people as follows:

1. Foreigners who sponsored Thai children.

2. Family/followers of "Non-B" visa holders with work permits in Thailand.

3. Family/followers of retirement visa holders which is under 50 years old.


When first applying for a dependent visa, your spouse or child will be granted a single-entry visa valid for a stay of 90 days.Their stay can be extended for 1 year at a time by applying for an extension at the local Immigration Office in Thailand. The application for extension should be made when there is still at least 21 days validity remaining on the current visa.

The Non-Immigrant “O” Visa for dependents does not allow them to legally work in Thailand. If Non- O holders wish to work, he or she should get the appropriate Non-Immigrant “B” Visa and Work Permit through their own employers.

In case you have to leave the country for any reason, you must be allowed to return to the country by apply for Re-Entry at the nearest immigration office or at the international airport that you will depart. By this way, your visa will not be canceled.

In the event of a divorce, your marriage visa will be canceled and you will have to leave the country immediately.

To apply for their dependent visas, your spouse and/or child will need the following :

  • Passport (at least 6 months validity)

  • Completed application form

  • 2 self-portrait pictures in 2 inches size: 4X6 C.M.

  • Original and copy of Marriage Certificate (for spouse) or Birth Certificate (for child)

  • Copy of the sponsoring individual’s Thai Work Permit

  • Copy of the Info page and Thai Visa page of the sponsoring individual’s passport

  • Evidence of financial status The amount of money that an alien must have with him while traveling in the Kingdom is to have money or documents that should be paid or exchanged for a value equal to the exchange rate of not less than 400,000 baht.

Additional requirements depending on which Thai Embassy or Consulate in case of dependent of Non- B holders :

  • Copy of the company’s registration.

  • Company’s shareholders list.

  • Company’s latest balance sheet.

  • Company’s registration of value-added tax (VAT).

*Because the exact documents required can vary according to where the application is filed, it is best to check the most recent information given for the Thai Embassy or Consulate you wish to apply at. 

For more information please contact : 

Tel: 063-779-9111 (English)​

       096-801-8252 (Korean)

       053-216-823   (Office)





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